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  • Can I use regular guitar strings on a Woodpecker Travel Series?
    Yes. Feel free to use your favorite brand of guitar strings. We use Aquila strings because we believe they provide the best sound on a smaller body guitar.
  • Is the Woodpecker Travel Series in standard tuning?
    Yes. You can tune the Woodpecker Guitar in standard (eadgbe) tuning, but it is also possible to tune the Woodpecker Travel Guitar in a guitalele tuning.
  • Can I use a strap on my Woodpecker Travel Guitar?
    Yes you can. All of our guitars have a button to attach a strap.
  • Can I plug the Woodpecker Travel Guitar in a amplifier?
    Yes this is possible. You can add a piezo and tuner on your Woodpecker Guitar. This is optional.
  • Can I carry my Woodpecker Travel Guitar on a airplane?
    Yes, our Woodpecker Travel Series is just small enough to use it as hand luggage.
  • How heavy is a Woodpecker Travel Guitar?
    It is around 1 kg (2.2 lbs) so it is portable and easy to carry around.
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