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How to Properly Maintain Your Woodpecker Instrument

You must regularly maintain Woodpecker Instrument to ensure that it’s in good condition and unharmed by humidity in the air.

So how can you take care of your Woodpecker instrument?

Make sure you keep your guitar in a dry place. Humidity can warp the wood and heat can make it shrink. In the long term, a warm and humid place will affect the tuning and sound and eventually render it unplayable.

You also need to think about the instrument’s exposure to sunlight. Don’t leave it by a south-facing window or in direct sunlight will harm the tone. Don’t leave the guitar or ukulele on the sofa or a stand by a window, radiator, or heat source.

Purists will tell you that you need to clean under the strings with a cloth. A microfibre cloth can also do the trick. Don't use a vacuum cleaner as you'll run the risk of scratching the wood.

Sweat and acid can build up on the strings and cause them to rust. You can also wipe down all the parts that you make contact with: the neck, body, machine heads, etc. You don’t want a sticky and dirty guitar, after all.

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