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New Woodpecker accessories

Now available! Woodpecker Capo and Guitar strap

Woodpecker Capo

There is a picks groove on the top of the capo to place the pick, making the pick handy.    Designed to fit standard 6 and 12 string guitars, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, bass and banjos.   Smooth clamping action allows for lightening fast ,easy and convenient key changes on stage. Besides, the silicone pad will make sure to protect the neck of your guitar from any scratches that an unprotected capo could inflict.   Made from high quality zinc, strong spring will be able to clamp it in place effectively, eliminate fret buzz and reduce retuning.

Only €14,95. Go to our online shop to buy this capo:

Woodpecker Guitar Strap

Strap material: Cotton Suede leather end piece Width: 51 mm Length adjustable from 85 cm - 165 cm Length adjustment via sliding buckle Colour: Brown Made in China

Only €19,95. Go to our online shop to buy this guitar/uke strap:

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